Better every day.

Learn about best practices with Grape. How to build processes around messaging, how to integrate software and how to onboard your team.


Everything starts with the setup of your very own Grape organization. Learn how to get started, personalize Grape and invite your team.

Creating an Organization

This clip shows you how to set up an organization and invite your first team members.

Inviting Members

Take a look at the different ways of inviting a big group of users. Learn how to use invite codes and how to revoke access to users.

Role Management

Adding Admins and changing the owner role.


Creating a Group

In this quick video tutorial we look into group creation and how to set a description for the group. Learn how to invite more users to the group.

Joining and Leaving Groups

How to manage the Groups you are in.

Message Creation (Basics)

How to write, edit and remove a message. How to link to a message.


Mentioning Users and Groups

How to notify single or multiple users. How to Mention the group you are currently in.

Managing Service Integrations

Add a Service integration, manage and delete your old ones.


After setting up your Grape Organization we can now look into some more advanced features of Grape.

Message Styling

How to modify the look of your message. How to add hyperlinks.

Uploading and Managing Files

Adding files via browse or by dragging them into the chat. Accessing them via the file browser and deleting them.

Adding Emojis

Add some emotion to your texts with the emoji picker and the quick emoji autocomplete.

Using Grape Search (Basics)

Searching your files on Grape, adding one or multiple ones.

Using Grape Search (Advanced)

More amazing Grape Search features: Filtering for services, searching time ranges and external services.

Fast Switch

Switch between Groups and Users just by hitting Control + K or Apple + K.