Grape Search

A Major Upgrade for Mac & Grape Search

Not only will Grape Search have you accomplishing more in no time, you’ll also be wowed by their speed and prowess. We’re talking a faster, smarter and more intuitive way to search, reference and open your data. We released a major upgrade for our Mac OSX app too.

Grape Search

Linking to and referencing external information, such as a document, calendar entry, or code repository update, from within the app’s chat box has always been the core of our communication solution. Grape Search is the logical evolution of the Enterprise Search. We’re talking instant accessible, mind-blowing speed and easy to use – even with your keyboard. Oh, and you can open files now too.

see grape-search

Grape Search works with all of our integrations and is available on iOS and Android too. You can open Grape Search by pressing the  # key on your keyboard.

Grape for Mac

The Mac app’s new design features the flat look and crisp colors of Grape’s recently redesigned web solution. Furthermore it supports native notifications and the app icon in your dock features a badge that shows you instantly how many unread conversations you have.


Grape for Mac is available in the Mac App Store for free.