While granting access to company data has always been a security challenge, Grape offers a fast way to keep information flowing.

  • Communication can be sped up, by allowing you to quickly organise with your partners due to shorter messages than e.g. classic emails.
  • Topic based groups, where information gets collected on one topic (e.g. one group per customer project).
  • Documents and Screenshots can be added to one topic simply by dragging them into your conversation.
  • You can find your conversations and files faster, thanks to the integrated grape Search.
  • You can start secure VoIP-calls with your guests, with the click of a button.

That's how you manage guests

Guests can only get invited to groups you have already created. If the group is private, only group admins can invite guests. The guest user receives an email with a link to follow the invite and set up his guest profile, including username and password.

Invite guests

There are two ways to invite new guests.

Version A)


Click the cogwheel in your messenger, click "manage members" and then on the guest tab.


Select which groups you want to add your guest to. Enter the email address of the guest. If you want to add multiple guests, separate their addresses with a comma ( , ). You can add a personal message, if you like, and an expiry date for their guest access.

Version B)

Group Info

Hit "invite more members to the group" in your group info.

Guest selection

Click "invite guests to this group" at the bottom of the modal.


Select the groups you want to add your guest tue. Enter the email address of the guest. If you want to add multiple guests, separate their address with a comma ( , ). You can add a personal message, if you like, and until when the guest access stays active.

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Limitations for guests

Guests have less rights than organisation members, to ensure the best possible data privacy.

  • guests can't use the Grape Search, add Service integrations, but can see results if shared. (No Buttons inside your apps)
  • guests aren't getting a tutorial on their first login
  • guests can't create or join groups
  • guests can't delete or leave groups
  • guests can only find members of your organisation, that they are in a chat with
  • guests can't invite any members
  • guests get reduced options in their "settings" 

Who can invite guests?

Anyone can invite guests into public groups. You can invite guests to private groups only if you are a group admin.  

Extending guest membership

You have the Opportunity to extend your guest's membership. Guests can also request a membership extension once they get a one-week-warning.

  • Request for extension: The guest receives an email one week before his guest membership expires and can request an extension by clicking a link in said mail. The request will get forwarded to you. This option is also available after expiration of the guest membership.
  • You can proactively extend the guests membership by navigating to Settings / Members / Guests and selecting your guest. You can then extend his membership for the group of your choice.

Removing guests from groups and organisation

Select Settings / Members / Guests. Their you can manage your guests, e.g.:

  • change their group
  • remove them from a group
  • change their timeframe
  • delete them