A) Using the Grape Search (with Giphy.com)

The Grape Search is Grape's powerful integrated search machine. Not only does it allow you to search within your company's databases, it also connects to external websites.

One of them is Giphy.com - one of the world's largest GIF-databases. 

If you want to access it, simply follow these steps:

1.) Click # on your keyboard to open the search
2.) Click + on your keyboard to add a filter and pick "Giphy" from the list by selecting it and hitting ENTER
3.) Write a search term like "Cat flying" and wait for the results to pop up
4.) Add the one you like the most by hitting ENTER and hit ENTER again to send the message

B) Uploading a GIF to Grape

If you have the animated image file stored on your computer, you can upload it to Grape:
Just drag the image from your desktop into the Grape Window to upload it into the Group. Not all images might render in the preview, but when clicked, your GIF should play within the browser immediately.