Here’s your self hosted Alternative to Hipchat On-Premises.

We understand. You are looking for someone you can trust.

When you couldn’t edit messages or load your history fast, you stayed. When you were told to move to Stride and give up your servers and data, you stayed. When the world told you that there’s no future in owning your own data, you stayed.

Now it’s time to make a move.

Grape GDPR compliant and self hosted Alternative to Hipchat On Premises

Over the next months all your self hosted Hipchat Server Versions will be deprecated and you will be told to migrate into the cloud once and for all. We want to tell you that there is an alternative. Grape is a secure On-Premises-Friendly environment. Grape is made in the EU so we
don’t follow any Patriot Act Requirements.

We are in it because we want you to own and secure your data. We also believe that security and usability are not polar opposites – and some of Europe’s largest banks, telecommunication providers, city departments, press agencies and health insurances can attest to that.

We are currently setting up the right tools to make the switch as seamless as possible. If you want to be informed once the Hipchat Server import is ready, put your details in the form.

Self hosted Grape On Premises offers full server migration to all Hipchat clients.


Get more done. Grape.

Grape Messenger is a full alternative to Hipchat and offers self hosted On Premises migration to enterprise costumers - Logo

Fill out the form and we will send you an email when our Hipchat to Grape migration path is ready.


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Self hosted Grape on-Premises server solution is a full alternative to Hipchat. Migrate now!