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Meet Grape, the lightning-fast new app for iOS.

By 17. November 2015

You can be anywhere in the world, with Grape your team and your company data are always a tap away.

Grape for iOS just hit the App Store on Saturday. Grape? You heard right! With the end of the Beta we are starting the transition from ChatGrape to Grape – a shorter name for a bigger product.

With the new app you will enjoy a revamped design, a faster chat interface and a lot of new features. Find out more about the next evolution of the smartest chat client here!

Every part of the app received an overhaul with focus on speed and the new clean Grape UI. At this point we want to thank our beta testers that helped us understand their needs better and used the product in ways we couldn’t have imagined.

From sidebar to tabs

In the past year we received a lot of feedback regarding our chat navigation. The sidebar, while leaving a lot of space for the content, seemed not only too complex but also went against the conventions of wide-spread chat apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. That’s why you can now access all your conversations through nifty tabs at the bottom of the screen.


A faster chat

During interviews it became evident that for most of our users “speed” was synonymous for “joy” when using chat apps. The less time passes until your conversation opens, the better you feel connected. That’s why Grape received a lot of improvements under the hood to slash milliseconds of loading time in every area. This allows you to exchange ideas with your team the moment they hatch.

User and room profiles

With larger teams using Grape, user and room profiles became increasingly important. With the new version they are now accessible on your mobile phone. One great thing in particular is that you can initiate phone or Skype calls simply by clicking them on the profile page. With a revamped room profile page we have also improved the user management, allowing you to invite new users faster to your discussions.

Stable and reliable

Above all improvements our core goal was stability. We know how important our app is for your daily communication. That’s why you need an App that you can count on when you need to get your message across. With the new release we have fixed more than 200 bugs, greatly improved our connection logic and – of course – our overall speed.

Got feedback?

Without our amazing and engaged users we couldn’t have made Grape what it is today. We hope to continue that feedback culture. So if you want to deliver praise, bugs or other feedback to us, you can always contact us from the app by hitting “Support” in your Settings tab.

A quick feature rundown:

  • New user interface
  • Introduction of tabbed navigation
  • Rooms and private messages are sorted by recent message
  • Create, join, remove and delete rooms has been simplified
  • Invite people to rooms
  • In-app notification banners
  • User and room profiles
  • Faster chat history
  • Mark own messages with pending or sent
  • Improved mentions
  • A preview of Grape Search
  • Completely new connection handling
  • Invite people to rooms
  • Manage rooms
  • Improved picture upload
  • Improved settings and change organization
  • And over 100 bug fixes

Get the new iOS App now!


Daniel Kauss

Written by Daniel Kauss

Daniel is Grape's CMO. Born and raised in Germany he moved to Austria in 2005. In Vienna he founded an agency for events and digital marketing and sold it in 2017 before he joined Grape.

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