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Fresh Feature Monday

By 21. July 2014

Hello early ChatGrape adopters,

It’s been almost two weeks since we’ve opened the gates for you to test-drive our early version of ChatGrape. Now, it’s time for us to round up – and to express our gratitude for the incredibly valuable feedback and input we got from you guys so far!

Key insights (& what we’ve learnt from you):

  • General feedback was veeery positive! 🙂
  • Intuitive user interface, communication feels easy to handle, even in bigger organizations
  • More service integrations are anxiously awaited
  • Many feature requests, e.g. copy/pasting of images from clipboard, changing organizations, etc.

We sat down with our devs, prioritized, planned, designed, tested (in short: worked hard to make you happy), and we are thrilled to announce that we’re about to release a bunch of improvements and fixes these days!

New features (what’s new on ChatGrape with the current release)

New user invitation process

You can now invite users directly from within the chat into your room. This is way more fluid, you don’t have to leave your conversations anymore. Plus, you can see users who have already been invited.

add users to room

Improved file upload

File uploads are no longer limited to images, you can now upload any filetype you want. So, happy sharing!


Introduction tutorial

We’ve added a nice step-by-step guide that shows you how to use ChatGrape. Of course, you can skip it at any time, but just in case and if you want to see it again, you’ll find it in the top right corner when clicking on your avatar. If you have any further questions about using ChatGrape, have a look into our new FAQ page!

Features to come (what’s on the way)

  • Improved search
  • System messages (á la “User has joined/left the room”)
  • More service integrations
  • And finally, the one thing everyone has been waiting for: Emoji support <3


We’ll keep you updated on new features. Thanks for keeping on testing & feedbacking, guys – and help us make ChatGrape more awesome!

Have a great week, all of you! #communicateefficcient

– Tobias (Marketing/UX/Design)

Felix Häusler

Written by Felix Häusler

Felix loves product design, marketing and good coffee. He follows the tech scene closely, with a special focus on SaaS businesses and a guilty pleasure for space travel. He is always available for questions and feedback via @felix_hau on twitter.

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