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In association with Netidee

Thanks to our Netidee project we are able to open source our grape clients.

Open Source Messaging Clients

Electron Client

A Grape Desktop client for Windows and macOS.

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Grape Web

Code shared across grape web related repositories.

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Grape Themes

Theme related files sharable between all ubergrape projects.

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Windows Mobile

Our windows phone client.

Grape Android

Our Native Android Client.

Grape iOS

Our iOS Native Client.

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Encrypted Off The Record P2P Messaging (OTRTC)

Secure Communication for everyone marrying OTR and WebRTC.

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What is Off-the-Record Messaging?

Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR) is a technology that uses a strong cryptographic protocol to provide absolute security for instant messaging conversations.

Learn more about Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR)

Grape’s powerful OTR implementation

Grape uses OTR to provide an entirely secure communication environment on demand. It features chatrooms that are populated through direct browser-to-browser connections via WebRTC. No communication data is stored on our servers – when a user closes an OTR chatroom, all its content and data dissolves permanently.

Virtual DOM and templating

Lightweight things for your frontend.

VirtualDom LGPLv3

VirtualDom provides JavaScript pre-buffering of HTML elements to invoke new contents without reloading the whole application. This enables accessing data structures before displaying them in the browser. This method is one of the most effective methods in the development of real-time apps and has also been used recently by Facebook (ReactJS).

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Template Helper LGPLv3

A small component to help you with your templates.

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Low Level libraries and utilities

Lightweight things for your frontend.

Websocket & websocket-buffering LGPLv3

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Startswith & Endswith LGPLv3

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Broker LGPLv3

Broker is a JavaScript component that provides intelligent routing of events between various layers.

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Model LGPLv3

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Translation LGPLv3

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