Made in Europe

Grape – the European Enterprise Messaging Solution.

Grape is a global player but the roots of our infrastructure and our team are based in the heart of Europe. We hold great pride in the quality of our engineering, our mix of reliability and innovation, our privacy standards and our mutli-national team, that understands and embraces cultural diversity.

The highest privacy standards by law

With servers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland we are bound to some of the strongest enforced data privacy laws. The EU considers the right to privacy a human right and ensures privacy protection with the Data Protection Directive since 1995. With the General Data Protection Regulation around the corner privacy laws will only get stronger over the next years.

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Thanks to our location we don’t answer to the patriot act, or similar directives. In the history of Grape we haven’t exchanged a single line of data with any governmental organization.

Compliant with your security demands

Since the fall of the Safe Harbor Agreement, investing in American Software has become a tricky challenge for CIOs all across Europe. Can you trust a company with servers in Europe but corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley? With Grape you have a secure partner that complies to your data security requirements and is based in your trusted area.

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High production standards

European engineers hold high positions in tech companies all around the world. Our team combines work experience from Yandex, Google, OnePlus and other market leading companies. Grape is a celebration of European engineering, easy to use and reliable like a light switch.

Around the corner for European companies

While most messaging providers are handling their business exclusively from the US, we have a majority of our support and engineering in Europe. Most other communication providers can only assign you a support ticket during your working hours, we have active developers in your area, ready to fix your problems.

Our team speaks english, french, spanish, german, russian, and much more, allowing you to voice your questions in the way you know the best.

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