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By 11. January 2016

Now you can send iPhone’s images and links to Grape with the press of a finger.

Using Grape on your iPhone has just become a lot more awesome. Next to a cleaner blue interface we have provided you with the brand new Grape Share functionality. To access it you just have to update your Grape iOS App and you are ready to go.

How to use Grape Share

1. To share an image go to your photos and click the share button at the bottom-left. To share a link click the share icon while browsing the web with Safari. This should drag out the share view.

2. Select the Grape Logo from the Share View that appears.

IMG_36332a. If the logo doesn’t show up, go to the „More“ view and change the switch to green on the list. Click the three lines on the right and drag it up to the Top 5 to get a faster access in the future.

IMG_3634IMG_3635 3. Select the Room or Person of your choice to send the image to.

IMG_36374. You can add a nice description if you like. Click „Send“ and you are done!

We wish you a productive time with Grape and will keep providing you with the best tools to stay focused at work.

– The Grape Team

Felix Häusler

Written by Felix Häusler

Felix loves product design, marketing and good coffee. He follows the tech scene closely, with a special focus on SaaS businesses and a guilty pleasure for space travel. He is always available for questions and feedback via @felix_hau on twitter.

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