ChatGrape for Android: now faster than ever

By 11. September 2015

ChatGrape for Android 2.0 just hit the Play Store and there are a ton of little improvements that will make you want to update away.

Find an overview of the most important new features of ChatGrape 2.0 below.

Greatly Improved Notifications

Notification is a crucial part of a messaging app, that’s why we completely re-thought the way we handled notifications in the past. In ChatGrape for Android 2.0 we keep your chat always up to date by fetching silent notifications in the background. Gone are the days when you we’re waiting for messages to be loaded.

Furthermore we now support device-specific notifications settings and highlight mentions as well as smart complete items in notifications.

GIFs With Previews

This is on of our favourite features and we think you’ll love it. Attaching the right animated image is something that makes conversation fun and authentic.

To make this easier, you can now preview Giphy images by pressing-and-holding a result.

More Stable Than Ever

This is the most stable Android app we’ve ever released. Thanks to the feedback from our amazing customers we have been able to fix more than one hundred bugs.

Our customers deserve only the best, this is why your feedback is so important to us. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or send us your feedback within the app by clicking on Send Feedback in the left sliding menu.

Big Little Things: A Short Summary

  • We re-introduced the online status in the people screen
  • Room icons now match the colors of the web client
  • We preview the latest messages in the main screen
  • Greatly improved notification logic
  • Notifications support now images and files
  • Supports devices which do not have Play Store Services installed
  • Giphy supports now previews
  • Heavily improved performance
  • Supports Intercom now
  • Over 100 bug fixes

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Daniel Kauss

Written by Daniel Kauss

Daniel is Grape's CMO. Born and raised in Germany he moved to Austria in 2005. In Vienna he founded an agency for events and digital marketing and sold it in 2017 before he joined Grape.

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