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By 27. April 2015

Box is an online file sharing and personal cloud content management service for business. And starting from today it will get a lot easier for customers to find and reference their files. We happily welcome in the always longer list of our integrated services !

How it works:

ChatGrape provides a unique approach to find and link to files while writing your chat message. The service integration will further improve your daily workflow. After you have enabled the service integration, you will be able to reference to your files directly by typing #box.


The Notifications

Additionally ChatGrape automatically keeps you updated about the activity in your cloud storage. We support the following notifications:

  • Uploaded an item
  • Created an item
  • Deleted an item
  • Commented on an item
  • Moved an item
  • Copied an item
  • Added a collaborator

Start using ChatGrape with the service integration today by clicking on the button below:

Enable integration

Felix Häusler

Written by Felix Häusler

Felix loves product design, marketing and good coffee. He follows the tech scene closely, with a special focus on SaaS businesses and a guilty pleasure for space travel. He is always available for questions and feedback via @felix_hau on twitter.

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