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Hello Bitbucket, great to have you on board!

By 26. November 2014

We can add another bullet point to Grape‘s list of connected cloud services: Say hello to our Bitbucket Integration!.


This is the first service our new integration developer, Bernhard, made. Our latest addition to the Grape team focuses solely on the creation of new integrations and ultimately the index-API that will empower everybody to add new services to our index.

„The way we integrate with company data is unique and needs to become an extensible interface as soon as possible. We will put a lot of effort in making Grape the communication solution that connects the best with your existing company data.“

– Felix Häusler, CEO at Grape


1.) Mention pull requests on the go

You can now mention all pull requests, open, merged, or closed, by typing #pullrequest-name to reference it without leaving the chat. Furthermore you can filter for bitbucket elements by typing #bitbucket:

2.) See what your team members are doing

No more email updates with the Bitbucket activities. Now you can select a room to which we send an activity whenever

  • someone creates a pull request,
  • pushes a commit to bitbucket,
  • commented on a pull request,
  • and much more…


3.) Get to Bitbucket directly from Grape

You can now type in any bitbucket pull request into our search field and navigate to it with a hit of your button. Navigate to all your services from within Grape to boost your efficiency.

The limits of Bitbucket

We would love to also provide you with an index of your Bitbucket issues. Unfortunately – and unlike their competitor – they currently don’t provide the needed webhooks to have an always up-to-date list of your current issues in your autocomplete. We will get in touch with @Bitbucket on twitter and hope to soon have the integration on par with the others.

Our Bitbucket integration is only another showcase of our incredible Grape indexAPI, let us know about your ideas, feedback and suggestions via or @chatgrapecom on Twitter!

Want to use the best chat for your Bitbucket projects? – Sign up for ChatGrape here!

Have an awesome day,

Your Grape team

Felix Häusler

Written by Felix Häusler

Felix loves product design, marketing and good coffee. He follows the tech scene closely, with a special focus on SaaS businesses and a guilty pleasure for space travel. He is always available for questions and feedback via @felix_hau on twitter.

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