Daily Standup Meetings

By 11. April 2017

Daily Standup Meetings

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Company: Grape

Presented by Giuseppe Gurgone
Grape Daily Standup Group

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One Team Daily Standup Sheriff

Daily Standups are among the greatest things you can implement to boost your project’s efficiency. It fixes two major things: 1) The operational side get less distracted by „on-demand“ syncs with their management 2) The management can see the state of everyone involved just by jumping to the project group.


Create a Grape Group for each team/division

Put one person in charge of the daily standup (we recommend someone on the operational side.

Everyone writes his plans for the day in the morning (if possible, use grape search to reference entries from your project managemant tool) and - before leaving - what they accomplished.

Should we set this up for you?

Contact us and get support with the setup of this recipe.

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