Übersicht über die Features und Funktionen von Grape

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 6.9.2018.

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Compliance Cloud Private Cloud On Premises
Exporting data
Chat data physically separated from other Grape customers  ✖
Management Cloud Private Cloud On Premises
Analytics / statistics
Teams (manual or based on Active Directory)
Custom support link or email address for your users
Role based user management
Chat Cloud Private Cloud On Premises
Managed groups
Private groups
Public groups
Private 1:1 conversations
Guest accounts
Enterprise features Cloud Private Cloud On Premises
2 factor authentication
Custom domain name
Active Directory / LDAP user sync
Custom service level agreements (SLA)
Custom "from" email address  ✖
Integrations Cloud Private Cloud On Premises
Cloud software integrations: Box, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Bitbucket, Github, Dropbox, Everxte, Trello, Pivotaltracker, Codeship, WordPress, Giphy, Youtube, Imgur
On-premise software integrations: Jira, Netapp/CIFS/SMB, Sharepoint, Exchange  ✖  ✖
Operations Cloud Private Cloud On Premises
Site2Site VPN for service integrations and Active Directory  ✖
Automatic server version update by Grape team  ✖
High availability multi-xde setup available
Manual server version update after internal testing  ✖
Custom email server  ✖
All data only accessible by customer  ✖  ✖
Use your own file storage (e.g. NAS/SAN)  ✖  ✖
Use your own database cluster (postgres/redis/elasticsearch)  ✖  ✖
Use your own server operating system with your own virtualization, hardening process, monitoring etc.  ✖  ✖
Development Cloud Private Cloud On Premises
Embedded chat
Index API
External search
Custom external Grape Search middleware hosting  ✖  ✖
Direct database access (Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch)  ✖
Custom server settings  ✖
System administration Cloud Private Cloud On Premises
Change organization  ✖  ✖  ✖



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