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3 Proper Fridge Rules to keep the peace in your office

By 19. June 2014

The office fridge is among the most shared objects in your company. A place where a chicken sandwich can cause distress and agony requires a lot of self-composure from your employees. That’s why it’s important to communicate some proper fridge rules that bring peace to the middle east of your office and turn anarchy into harmony. Meet our fridge, Oscar. Oscar, the Office Fridge

He has become a ZEN Buddhistic place, a peaceful food supplier since we provided him with some proper usage guidelines. When drafting out Oscars’ fridge Manifesto we had a couple of things we really wanted it to have:

  1. A simple system – A short, understandable and fast that system everybody can remember
  2. No left-overs – Food shouldn’t run bad anymore
  3. A fridge with an identity – Because people tend to treat things with names significantly better
  4. Entertainment – It should be fun to read and a good reflection of our company identity

The result was a post-it system that allows you to label your food, or sometimes – under certain circumstances which you can find below – the food of others as “free-to-eat”.

The Fridge Manifesto (Google Docs)

Feel free to copy, alternate and share our document. May it bring peace to all offices around the globe!

ChatGrape Office Fridge Fridge Postits Oscar, the Office Fridge

– F

Felix Häusler

Written by Felix Häusler

Felix loves product design, marketing and good coffee. He follows the tech scene closely, with a special focus on SaaS businesses and a guilty pleasure for space travel. He is always available for questions and feedback via @felix_hau on twitter.

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