Grape 2.5 for Android is out

For the latest Android release of Grape, we’ve taken all the precious feedback that we received in the last few weeks and worked on it to release the best version of the app yet. Here’s an overview of the most important changes introduced in Grape 2.5.

The All New Message Box

You asked for it and here it is: more space for the text message being typed in, as well as faster access to camera, gallery and file attachments. Communicating with Grape is now faster than ever.


Supports Compact View

The Compact View that a lot of you use and love on the web version of Grape is now available on Android; the perfect treat for those of you who just want to see as many messages as possible on the screen. Try it out by going to the Settings menu and enabling it from there.

Share images and text from other Android apps

Whether you’re viewing an image in another app or reading an article, sharing content with your teammates is now as easy and fast as you would expect on Android. Look out for Grape in the list of apps that will appear in the ‘Share’ menu of other apps!

Two-step Verification

We further increased the security of your Grape account by offering two-step verification. Most people only have one layer – their password – to protect their account. With 2-Step Verification, if a bad guy hacks through your password layer, he’ll still need your phone or Security Key to get into your account.

Featuring Grape Search

Searching for files, issues, GIFs and other service integrations is now faster than ever with the option to filter by services. Check out all the services you or your teammates integrated and discover the great potential of the SmartComplete.

Shared Files

Just like on web and iOS, the newly added Shared Files enables you to quickly access all kind of pictures and files that have been shared within a conversation. Make them available offline and open them directly in your favorite applications whenever you need them.


This release of Grape is the product of your invaluable feedback, so as usual please let us know what you think by email or by pressing on “Send feedback” in the app itself.

Scheduled Downtime on Monday, Nov 23th

We’ll conduct another major upgrade to our servers on Monday, 23th November 2015, from 05:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m. UTC. Grape might be unavailable during this period.

We’re constantly working on improving Grape for you, not just its UI and features, but also its technology and security in the back-end, which is less visible, but just as important. We hope you understand and ask you to plan accordingly!

ChatGrape for Android: now faster than ever

ChatGrape for Android 2.0 just hit the Play Store and there are a ton of little improvements that will make you want to update away.

Find an overview of the most important new features of ChatGrape 2.0 below.

Greatly Improved Notifications

Notification is a crucial part of a messaging app, that’s why we completely re-thought the way we handled notifications in the past. In ChatGrape for Android 2.0 we keep your chat always up to date by fetching silent notifications in the background. Gone are the days when you we’re waiting for messages to be loaded.

Furthermore we now support device-specific notifications settings and highlight mentions as well as smart complete items in notifications.

GIFs With Previews

This is on of our favourite features and we think you’ll love it. Attaching the right animated image is something that makes conversation fun and authentic.

To make this easier, you can now preview Giphy images by pressing-and-holding a result.

More Stable Than Ever

This is the most stable Android app we’ve ever released. Thanks to the feedback from our amazing customers we have been able to fix more than one hundred bugs.

Our customers deserve only the best, this is why your feedback is so important to us. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or send us your feedback within the app by clicking on Send Feedback in the left sliding menu.

Big Little Things: A Short Summary

  • We re-introduced the online status in the people screen
  • Room icons now match the colors of the web client
  • We preview the latest messages in the main screen
  • Greatly improved notification logic
  • Notifications support now images and files
  • Supports devices which do not have Play Store Services installed
  • Giphy supports now previews
  • Heavily improved performance
  • Supports Intercom now
  • Over 100 bug fixes

Download Android App

“We can use ChatGrape for that” – 7 Cool ways to improve your team communication

There are many things you can do with ChatGrape as your main communication solution. Here are seven things that will either improve team culture or straight-up efficiency.

1- Stay up to date with Service Activities

Before: Email Notifications
You can receive updates from all the services you are using right inside of ChatGrape. Simply set them up in your integration settings (if you are an admin of your organization) with a click.
After selecting a room (e.g. „Development“) you will receive update message every time something changes right inside the Room. We keep ourselves up to date about changes on the servers, issues that have been resolved and documents that have been created. This removes a lot of clutter that you usually have in your emails.
If your favorite integration is not yet supported or you have a very specialized solution internally running, you can use our APIs to connect it with our service. Let us know if you want us to help you set an integration up via!
Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-19 um 02.21.08
Pro-Tip: You can use emoji codes in your self made activities to give your presentation that extra spice. Find a list of all emojis here!

2- Replace Standup Meetings

Before: Standing around in your board room
At ChatGrape we like to keep Meetings to a minimum and have a lean and independent workflow while developing the next big things. That’s why we have a dedicated room in which every team member posts in the morning ..
  • what she/he has a done the day before
  • if they feel like they are in time, behind or need assistance
This system allowed us to keep communication overhead low while maintaining a good oversight of our team’s progress.

3- Manage Lunch

Before: Yelling through the office
The team has to eat! We have a dedicated room so that we don’t disturb our remote developers with posts in which we discuss our local restaurants. This keeps the main room clean and allows us to properly discuss the
 Artboard 1

4- Birthday surprises and surprise baby showers

Before: Coordinating prep-meetings
With the private rooms you can quickly coordinate collective actions to surprise one of your team members. This May, when one of our developers, Clemens, got his first son, we gathered in his very own baby shower room and put together a baby box including diapers and onesies full of inside jokes and awesomeness.
Don’t ask him about the Ananas.

5- Product Ideas – Icebox 

Before: Task Management System
In our opinion product ideas and product planning should be strictly seperated. Instead of putting them together in GitHub issues you can discuss them in a dedicated room and have the product manager pic the ones he sees fit to put in the upcoming sprints.
This creates overview and saves you from the way-too-common task grave.

6- Product Screenshots

Before: Drive Folder
Collect screenshots of your new features every week to keep up with the progress and to have product images at your disposal for folders, blog posts, etc.
Autocomplete Room Switch

7- GIF Battles

Before: Nowhere
The amazing ChatGrape Giphy integration that allows you to browse GIFs right from the chat is generally fun to use in conversations. But you haven’t really used it until you had a GIF-Standoff in a dedicated room. The idea is to always find a GIF to react or answer to the previous one.
Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-18 um 15.01.59
There are a lot more ways to make your work life easier with dedicated chat rooms. Keep following our blog to stay up to date with the – sometimes unexpected – things you can do with the most efficient chat service.

How to turn ChatGrape into a Windows Desktop App

Out now! The new desktop apps for mac and windows are here!

Recently many people have been asking us how to add ChatGrape to their Windows Desktop. And amazingly there’s not only one but two great ways to get the Windows-native ChatGrape experience.

Adding ChatGrape to your Windows Task Bar

If you are a bigger fan of the old desktop screen you can put ChatGrape into your task bar right next to the start button. The fastest way can be described in one image.

  1. Open your browser (we’ve tested it on Internet Explorer 11)
  2. Navigate directly to the chat client while logged in (
  3. Drag the ChatGrape Icon next to the website address right to your task bar
  4. Done!

Pin ChatGrape onto your Windows Start Screen (Tested in Windows 8.1.)

If you use Internet Explorer 11 :

  1. Open Internet Explorer 11
  2. Navigate directly to the chat client while logged in (
  3. Press ALT + T to open the Tools
  4. Select “Add site to Apps
    Artboard 1
  5. Confirm your decision on the next screen by clicking “Add
  6. Scroll down to “Now that your ChatGrape Organization is a Windows App…”

If you use a different Browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.):

  1. Open your browser
  2. Navigate directly to the chat client while logged in (
  3. Drag the Icon next to the Address Bar to your desktop as seen in this image.
  4. Move the file into the following location, replacing USERNAME with your User Name (C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu)

Now that your ChatGrape Organization is a Windows App…

  1. Open your Start Screen and click the Down-Arrow at the bottom left side to get to the “All Apps” View.
  2. Among the Apps should be the ChatGrape Logo.
    Note: If you have Added the “General” Room, you will find the app under the letter “G”.
  3. Now you only have to right-click it and select “Pin to Start
  4. Done! ChatGrape is now among your Windows Start Screen Apps and opens in the browser of your choice.

Pin Bar

This is a great way for Windows users to access ChatGrape like a native Windows App.
And – given your internet is fast enough – it will also open as fast as most Windows Apps 😉

Enjoy your day with ChatGrape!