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Good UX is about control – The story of the ChatGrape #hash

As the next version of the auto-complete (this time written with ReactJS) is around the corner, we want to celebrate our journey by sharing some thoughts and experiences from the team.

Building an auto-complete for all business data is an interesting task, as it constantly confronts our designers and developers with new UX-nuts to crack. From limited space on mobile, to result grouping there are hundreds of stories to tell.

Today I want to tackle a question that has been floating around for months:

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Your files at your fingertips with Dropbox and ChatGrape

We are proud to announce the new Dropbox integration for ChatGrape !


The fastest way to Dropbox

Access your files by hitting the hashtag button on your keyboard!

Finding your files in Dropbox and sharing them with your colleagues is now easier than ever. Autocomplete file names and find your Dropbox files right from your chat window!


We also wanted to go even further than bringing your files to autocomplete.

Never miss on what is happening in your folders

Here are the events you get notifications for with Dropbox folders:

  • A file was created;
  • A file was deleted;
  • A file was edited;
  • A file has been moved/renamed
  • And many others…

Enjoy the most awesome Dropbox integration!

The ChatGrape team.

Tobi and Felix conquer SFO: Batch 1

So this is it. I’m sitting in the Economy-Class of KLM Airlines, have Disney’s Maleficent running on the small entertainment screen in front of me and Tobi snoring on my shoulder. We’re five hours away from the mecca of the tech industry and I feel induced to write the first batch of our travel blog.

Tetris on the machine

Wacka Wacka – Playing Tetris on the machine’s entertainment system.

The cause:

Well – why are ChatGrape’s CEO and CMO on their way to the Silicon Valley? Why are we bringing a work day of time difference between us and the rest of our developers, while still working on the MDP? Here is the official priority-sorted chart list of why Tobi and Felix conquer SFO:

  1. Sales and Support: A significant part of our target group is over the pond. I’m already waking up every other night with support requests in my inbox. By having my co-founder Leo in the European and myself in the American time zone, we are available during all western work hours. Bonus Point: Having the extraordinary sensation of waking up every day to the improvements the other team made while you were counting sheep. Like Christmas only with work progress.
  2. Feedback and Valley-Spice: With an unchallenged density of startups, investors and tech journalists, the amount of insightful feedback is a hundred times what we could get in Austria. I was warned that some people tend to fill their schedule with so many meetings and events, they forget to get any actual work done. I’ll try to keep that in mind and invest at least eight hours a day in „quantifiable labor“.
  3. Using our product the hardcore way: If you are working in the same startup office, you tend to handle questions face-to-face (or room-to-room if you tend to yell a lot) than via your favorite communication tool. By distributing our team we’re literally forced to experience and hence understand the problems of our customers a lot better.
  4. Change of scenery: There’s nothing more refreshing and enlightening for the mind than a change of location. The more miles we bring between ourselves and our home base the less distractions are in our way.

The captain announces the golden gate bridge at the right side of the window. The time has come – let’s rock this!

Greets from Tobi and Felix

– ChatGrape

If you are around SFO and want to meet us for a drink or a jog, let us know via

P.s.: We’ll be at TC Disrupt San Francisco and would love to see you there – ping us if you’re around too!