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New feature at Grape: secure Guest Accounts

New feature at Grape: secure Guest Accounts

by Mariana Jörg
20th November, 2018

With the next release the safe guest account feature will be introduced. The guest accounts allow a safe access to the Grape Chat for external persons (e.g.: service providers, journalists and customers) to increase the efficiency of collaborations. Previously allowing access to the company’s data was a high data security hazard; however, Grape’s new guest accounts feature now enable a seamless communication.

The guest accounts can convinced with the following features:

  •      external users can be integrated seamlessly in the internal communication of the company
  •      the invitation link for the groups will be send via E-mail
  •      access is only granted to groups, where the user is a member
  •      guest accounts can get a date of expiry
  •      data export is restricted to protect against unauthorized access

Efficient Business Chat – internal and now also external available

Everyone knows this situation: countless emails with unclear layouts due to a lot of forwarding and responding. In these threads not only patience is lost, but also a lot of time. Grape already revolutionized internal communication with help of the short and precise messages in the enterprise messenger. Messaging with Grape has a lot of advantages that are not only applicable for internal communication, but now also external:

  •      Communication and flow of information can be accelerateddue to faster writing of
         messages as the used language is less formal than in emails.
  •      Bundled groups for certain topics allow a comprehensive collection of data, communication
         and documents for one project.
  •      A lot of time can be saved with help of the highly functional Grape Search function that can
         find every document and message in the messenger.
  •      Sending of documents and screenshots in a group makes more sense and is in the right

Highest safety standards – also for guest accounts

Collaboration and communication with external experts is now thanks to Grape, as it is with help of the guest accounts possible to integrate them in the communication of the company in a safe manner. For the high data safety and protection standards we implemented the following features to enable a safe experience with guest accounts and to comply with GDPR regulations. External users can only get access through a invitation linkthat will be send to their Email. Guest accounts solely have access to groups, where the user is a member. Additionally, it is only possible to make contact with other users of the organization, if both parties are member of one overlapping group. We also integrated an expiry date for the guest accounts to assure complete control. After this date the account will be deactivated. Another feature that protects the valuable data of the company is the restriction in exporting data.

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