“Grape differentiates itself from the usual enterprise messengers by providing a quicker set up, deeper integrations, smarter automations and higher data security standards. Grape, as a European company, is able to offer a higher degree of political safety in comparison to American corporations and complies fully with GDPR regulations. Grape improves internal and external communications in the organization in a flexible and technical superior manner. Customers of Grape are able to increase their competitive advantage.”

__          · Felix Häusler, CEO of Grape


All details can be found in the Grape Product Presentation 2018:

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“We don’t believe in uniform software solutions for large companies that are for example offered by big American corporations“, explains Grape founder and CEO Felix Häusler. As organisations have a lot of complex structures is a flexible and safe solution for business communications necessary. Grape is the perfect enterprise messenger that fits every structure like a glove as it allows more flexibility and increases competitive advantage.

The most flexible enterprise messenger – made in Europe

With Grape nearly everything is possible: communicate with customers, fight the shadow-IT, integrate software solutions that your company already uses, pre-install the Grape Apps on all devices and the possibility to set up the messenger in the cloud or on your own servers. A few other decisive features of Grape, the enterprise messenger:

  • we look and work better
    Our design solves one of the biggest issues: it combines the speed of modern messengers with the label-capabilities with the characteristic Outlook overview.
  • we set up quicker
    The set up of Grape is super quick thanks to AD (Active Directory) and SSO (Single-Sign-On) integrations. The rollout happens via SCCM (System Center Configuration Management) and MDM (Mobile Device Management). The onboarding process is perfectly complemented by success KPIs.
  • we integrate deeper
    Past conversations and projects can be easily found again with help of the high functional Grape search function. Grape uses bots, embeds and the search function to help with every that is worked on.
  • we automate smarter
    Grape learns with help of NLP (Natural Language Process) with every communications made and is able to identify and correctly label questions, tasks, telephone numbers and dates automatically. The messenger also makes suggestions for workflows, which can be directly applied in the interface.
  • Grape is safe by design
    Protect your valuable company data with Grape, where data security and data protection is the priority. Our high security standards build upon the following four pillars: a data fortress with highest precaution, research and audits by SBA, jurisdiction within the EU and secure hosting thanks to our on-premise solution. Grape and consequently your data is immune towards the Patriot-, Freedom-, and Cloud Act, as the enterprise messenger was developed in the heart of Europe. These Acts would allow US authorities to access customer data of American companies.

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Mariana Jörg

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