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A Major Upgrade for Mac & Grape Search

Not only will Grape Search have you accomplishing more in no time, you’ll also be wowed by their speed and prowess. We’re talking a faster, smarter and more intuitive way to search, reference and open your data. We released a major upgrade for our Mac OSX app too.

Grape Search

Linking to and referencing external information, such as a document, calendar entry, or code repository update, from within the app’s chat box has always been the core of our communication solution. Grape Search is the logical evolution of the Enterprise Search. We’re talking instant accessible, mind-blowing speed and easy to use – even with your keyboard. Oh, and you can open files now too.


Grape Search works with all of our integrations and is available on iOS and Android too. You can open Grape Search by pressing the # key on your keyboard.

Grape for Mac

The Mac app’s new design features the flat look and crisp colors of Grape’s recently redesigned web solution. Furthermore it supports native notifications and the app icon in your dock features a badge that shows you instantly how many unread conversations you have.


Grape for Mac is available in the Mac App Store for free.

Grape 2.2.1 for iOS is out!

Grape for 2.2 for iOS just hit the App Store and we think there’s a ton of new stuff that will make you want to download it right away! Below you’ll find an overview of the most important new features of Grape 2.2, plus the highlights of our last update, which was released only a few weeks before.

Thrice as fast

Enjoy a faster and smoother app as we’ve completely reworked Grape for iOS for you behind the curtains. Content is now refreshed much faster, the animations are smoother and the overall stability of the app has been greatly improved. Also, the local database now consumes way less disk space than before.

Shared Files

The newly added Shared Files enables you to quickly access all pictures and files that have been shared within a conversation. A built-in preview allows you to view any file without leaving the app, but of course you’re able to open files in other applications too.

Better notification handling

We put a lot of time into notifications handling to provide a better user experience. Based on which client you’ve used most recently (iOS, Android, Web, Mac), you now get notifications only for these, on which you are currently active. This will reduze the amount of clutter and ensures that you won’t receive the same notification twice. Also, you get better and more timely in-app notification banner.

Two-step Verification

We further increased the security of your Grape account by offering two-step verification. Most people only have one layer – their password – to protect their account. With 2-Step Verification, if a bad guy hacks through your password layer, he’ll still need your phone or Security Key to get into your account.

Style your content as you wish

The markdown logic has been greatly improved, allowing you more options to format your messages. Additionally to using bold, italic and lists you’ll be able to use block quotes, inline code and several different url schemes.

More New Features & Improvements

  • Swipe down to search for rooms and people
  • Message status icons are now displayed correctly
  • Fixed an issue with uploading images
  • Smoother animations
  • And 47 minor bug fixes

Scheduled Downtime on Monday, Nov 23th

We’ll conduct another major upgrade to our servers on Monday, 23th November 2015, from 05:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m. UTC. Grape might be unavailable during this period.

We’re constantly working on improving Grape for you, not just its UI and features, but also its technology and security in the back-end, which is less visible, but just as important. We hope you understand and ask you to plan accordingly!

Meet Grape, the lightning-fast new app for iOS.

You can be anywhere in the world, with Grape your team and your company data are always a tap away.

Grape for iOS just hit the App Store on Saturday. Grape? You heard right! With the end of the Beta we are starting the transition from ChatGrape to Grape – a shorter name for a bigger product.

With the new app you will enjoy a revamped design, a faster chat interface and a lot of new features. Find out more about the next evolution of the smartest chat client here!
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ChatGrape for Android: now faster than ever

ChatGrape for Android 2.0 just hit the Play Store and there are a ton of little improvements that will make you want to update away.

Find an overview of the most important new features of ChatGrape 2.0 below.

Greatly Improved Notifications

Notification is a crucial part of a messaging app, that’s why we completely re-thought the way we handled notifications in the past. In ChatGrape for Android 2.0 we keep your chat always up to date by fetching silent notifications in the background. Gone are the days when you we’re waiting for messages to be loaded.

Furthermore we now support device-specific notifications settings and highlight mentions as well as smart complete items in notifications.

GIFs With Previews

This is on of our favourite features and we think you’ll love it. Attaching the right animated image is something that makes conversation fun and authentic.

To make this easier, you can now preview Giphy images by pressing-and-holding a result.

More Stable Than Ever

This is the most stable Android app we’ve ever released. Thanks to the feedback from our amazing customers we have been able to fix more than one hundred bugs.

Our customers deserve only the best, this is why your feedback is so important to us. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or send us your feedback within the app by clicking on Send Feedback in the left sliding menu.

Big Little Things: A Short Summary

  • We re-introduced the online status in the people screen
  • Room icons now match the colors of the web client
  • We preview the latest messages in the main screen
  • Greatly improved notification logic
  • Notifications support now images and files
  • Supports devices which do not have Play Store Services installed
  • Giphy supports now previews
  • Heavily improved performance
  • Supports Intercom now
  • Over 100 bug fixes

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